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America’s Next Top Model, get gone Romeo!

I’m usually about a week behind when it comes to reality television.  That’s because all my TV watching is done via the computer.

I’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model.  And I’m so pleased to see that Romeo has been ousted.  Maybe they gave him a bad edit.  Maybe the producers prodded him to say mean things about the other contestants.  But he said those things.  He had all kinds of negative comments to say about the other models.  It was a real downer.  So I’m happy he’s gone.  He was thrown off the show after drunk headbutting another model.  Not cool.

Image source: I stole this off the internet

Image source: Internet

What was bugging me before that incident was all his talk about being a witch, combined with his disdain and disrespect of the other competitors.  HE WAS GIVING WITCHES A BAD NAME.  And that is why I really didn’t like him.  Aren’t male witches called warlocks anyway?

I’m disappointed that society has this evil stereotype about witches.  To me, witches are women with magic and herbal wisdom.  As with any large group, a few among them may not be upstanding.  But for the most part, I believe witches are and historically were good people with unique knowledge and skills.  I don’t like them to be downcast and ostracized.

Romeo Tostado was not doing witches anywhere anytime a favor by being a public figure and calling himself a witch.  Shame!  Good thing he was eliminated.

Do you watch ANTM?  Do you like witches?  I want to hear your thoughts…

2 comments on “America’s Next Top Model, get gone Romeo!

  1. maureenduncan
    October 3, 2014

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I was excited to see him on the first episode or two, but then the negativity started and I began to dislike him. I think he could be a great model, but he’s a bad witch. The motto should be “harm to none,” but harm is what he wished on his competitors. Nothing good comes from that and I was happy to see him sent home.

    The incident also gave me more respect for Adam (who I will admit is my least favorite model and personality in the competition) for not engaging in the fight with Romeo.


    • thehonkinggoose
      October 3, 2014

      It has been such an interminably long time since Christians first began villainizing witches for religious reasons and I’m frustrated that modern society hasn’t gotten over that yet.

      Thanks for agreeing with me, it’s so validating. 😉 And thanks for the honk!


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