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are you a real plumber?

stainless steel kitchen sink

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99.8% chance you are not. Me either. That’s why when the kitchen sink backs up in our rental house, we call the property manager who in turn calls a plumber. Which is what I thought was going on a couple of weeks ago when “the Plumber” came and fixed the kitchen drain. But now the kitchen sink is backing up again.

It’s not my fault. I know this because I haven’t been pouring damp bread crumbs alternated with panfulls of bacon grease down the drain. And it has only been a couple of weeks. So it should be just fine. But it isn’t.

I’m calling him “the Plumber” in quotation marks because I don’t know if he is actually a plumber. For starters, the man that came here to fix the sink was young, good looking, and friendly. The other real plumber who has come to fix the kitchen sink in the past was short, older, grey-haired, and churlish. And the sink didn’t back up again two weeks after he fixed it. Proof positive that he was a real plumber.

I want the real plumber this time. I need my kitchen sink back.

5 comments on “are you a real plumber?

  1. Dustin John
    October 6, 2014

    I love your empirical evidence for what constitutes a real plumber. haha That’s great! 🙂 Sorry about your clog. No fun.


  2. earth2bellas
    October 5, 2014

    I hear ya. We get similar issues at our place. I learned a trick from Pinterest that has yet to fail me: squirt Dawn into the clogged drain. Let it sit for a few mins and then turn the hot water on as hot as you can get it. Let it run for a few then if you can get a plunger in there, plunge it. I’ve done this w/everything from showers to toilets. Works like a charm (:


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