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Yes on 64 even more

Yes on 64

One very strong protection written into California’s Prop 64 is that recreational cannabis cannot be sold or consumed in establishments which sell or offer a place to consume alcohol and/or tobacco.

That means businesses like liquor stores and bars can’t just add cannabis as a product and stick it on their shelves. A whole new business must be created for this purpose opening the door to new small businesses and entrepreneurs.
With a five year window that prevents large corporations from doing so, that is a very strong protection for small businesses and new businesses.


You know how Budweiser has so many different kinds of beer on the shelf: low calorie options, different flavors, cans and bottles? That is a targeted way for that corporation to occupy more shelf space and get more products in front of customers, increasing their sales.

But even if Budweiser or it’s parent corporation wants to get into the recreational cannabis industry; they are not going to be able to utilize that shelf space because it is only available where alcohol is sold; cannabis cannot be sold there. Same goes for Phillip Morris/big tobacco industry.

That is a very positive and well thought out portion of this Prop 64 that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t read the full text.

Yes on 64

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