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About the Goose

I’m a California native.  (NorCal, because that does make a big difference.)  I’m married and we have two boys who will soon be 8 and 10.  I like hiking, backpacking, gardening, cooking, and now that we have kids I’ve even come around to enjoy car camping. I like reality TV and brownies and puns. I like doing puzzles and sudoku. My favorite flowers are zinnias, because of the way they look, and roses because of the way they smell. I read a lot. I love books. I also like to read blogs. And writing them. This blog is my second born.

me, the Goose

I’m a country girl at heart, I don’t care about fancy cars or expensive furniture. I don’t like big crowds. I live to enjoy the simple things in life. Family, nature, love, light, friendship, laughter. I’ve faced adversity. I lost my mom when I was 19 and will always wish she could have met her grandchildren. We’ve struggled at times to support our family. We’ve been on and off of public assistance. But we’ve always given our kids everything they ever needed; a comfortable and happy home and parents that are strong together. We teach them to be thankful for the things in life that are priceless like health and freedom.

Where we live, I can often hear flocks of geese flying by overhead. Sometimes I don’t see them, if it is foggy, or at night. But I can hear them honking. They call to each other. I wonder what they’re saying? Is it all functional, like directions and whatnot, or is some of it idle chit chat as well? Like, “hey now, a little to the left Ida, oh, did you hear what Frank and Henry did last night? let me tell you…” And sometimes I wish I could just fly up there and join them.

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