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I talk to myself

Out loud (but quietly, of course). All the time. I talk to myself when I’m cooking in the kitchen or doing the laundry. I talk to myself when I’m at … Continue reading

December 8, 2014 · 86 Comments

letter to my 16 year old self

This is going to be anticlimactic, y’all, because I don’t really have anything to tell my 16 year old self. I mean, I could be all cliche and warn myself … Continue reading

December 2, 2014 · 30 Comments

I said that

I was in the kitchen making dinner last night. I pulled down an open bottle from the cupboard and poured myself of glass of wine. It was Pinot Grigio (cheap … Continue reading

November 12, 2014 · 33 Comments

I know how the internet works

I may have given some of you experts the impression that I don’t know how the internet works. In my post also down the rabbit hole about googling myself, I … Continue reading

October 21, 2014 · 39 Comments

also down the rabbit hole

I don’t want to give google my mobile number. I’m being asked for this information repeatedly when logging into my gmail account because apparently this will help keep my account … Continue reading

October 19, 2014 · 62 Comments

a life of crime

I entered a life of crime when I was six years old.  I’m ashamed to say I brought my sister in too, and she was only four. Here’s what happened. … Continue reading

September 22, 2014 · 5 Comments