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if you are a Christian, what do you think about the pagan tradition of a holiday tree?

From last year

The Honking Goose

and if you are a Pagan, what do you think about the Christians using an evergreen tree as a symbol of their Christmas celebration?

Christmas tree on a stand with barely visible lights and no other decoration

I like to think of the evergreen tree we bring into our home, and glibly refer to as a Christmas tree though we are not Christians, as a pagan symbol of the solstice. It seems, however, that the lines are a little more blurry. Many older cultures around the world brought trees or branches or green leaves inside on the winter solstice as a celebration of the return of life as winter begins to wane.

man in jeans and red flannel is pruning a growing evergreen or Christmas tree

Some scholars have put forth the idea that Christians co-opted this pagan symbol as a way to get more pagans to adopt Christianity. That seems believable. Perhaps early Christians had other reasons for using evergreen boughs or trees as a symbol during their winter holiday celebrations. It seems it was a…

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One comment on “if you are a Christian, what do you think about the pagan tradition of a holiday tree?

  1. mitchteemley
    December 19, 2017

    I stand by my wise and insightful words from the previous year, he said humbly. ;>) Merry Christmas!

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