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This photo image is a counterpoint to yesterday’s photograph. This was taken with my iPhone 5c over the weekend in the woods near our home. Admittedly, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have improved camera functionality (right?). But it is also a Phone for creeps sake. And it still makes calls so I’m not going to replace it until Verizon offers me a super discounted deal on newer old models a year from now because that is the financial bracket I’m in.

purple and white mushroom growing in redwood needles

This is a super shitty photograph image and I should not have bothered since I didn’t have a camera with me on this walk. You can’t tell an iPhone 5c where to focus, so it chose the needles behind the mushroom to be in (what it considers to be) full focus. And believe me, I have cussed up a storm at my phone and it continues to not give a fuck and focus wherever the heck it pleases. So interpreting and acting on verbal swears is not a feature of this model. (Apple, think about building that in to your iPhone 8 okay? TY) Furthermore, while this image captures pretty realistically the colors of the redwood needles, it does nothing for the true colors of the mushroom itself. Or the texture details of the mushroom, probably because the mushroom is not in focus.

And here is what I LOVED about film photography. The COLORS! Neither my cheap digital snap and shoot or my iPhone can capture true colors. I need want a better camera. Meanwhile, I have two old film SLR cameras, a Pentax and a Nikon, in my garage. Practically useless because: film.

Should I just grow up and get myself a DSLR? How are they with true color?

4 comments on “do not grow up

  1. Dragnfli
    November 15, 2016

    If you touch the screen where you want it to focus, it will refocus.
    And if you can’t afford a new phone, you probably can’t afford a DSLR. Even Canon’s good sensor doesn’t show the vibrancy of purples and indigo blues.

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  2. vvuureoc
    November 14, 2016

    See tree versus stones

    Sorry could not get photos to paste here


  3. TheOriginalPhoenix
    November 14, 2016

    I don’t know how DSLR work out because I too use an iPhone camera. 😆 I’d say go for one if you’re really passionate about photography and want to do something with it. If not, keep cussing at your iPhone. (I’m with you on that.)

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